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The film tells us as much – so it is no surprise that the title of the musical version also suggests this. But perhaps something else is at work here too. The film’s opening credits, which also play for the first half of the story, suggest that Walt is working on a very different musical to the one he wrote in 1962. In them, Walt and Greta are standing in a parking lot on top of a billboard of the iconic Walt Disney Studios building. “This should be a great place to work!” Walt’s own character, a cartoon cartoon character named “Alf”, is sitting at a counter drinking a beer. “Yeah, yeah,” Walt says. “I’ve got a great idea. I want to set up a television studio on a lot of really big billboards. All we have to do is blow up their adverts with a gun, and turn up the audio and video in them!” Now we get to the most revealing part of the film, namely Walt’s decision to use a different musical in his movie. Walt has a few ideas, but eventually he decides upon a rather obvious one: a new musical by British song-writer and pianist John Betjeman for a fictional film called “The Walt Disney Christmas”. But where this story comes from is a bit more of an art history mystery to be solved. Why did Walt make a mistake such a huge one?
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Alf and Greta’s story can be divided into three distinct periods: 1) 1961, about the time of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the London ballet; 2) 1965, the year that Walt and Greta first visit New York for The Seven Year Itch in Broadway; and 3) 1982, the year of Disney’s The Little Mermaid film. When Walt first wrote and illustrated The Seven Year Itch in 1962, he was still well into the process of developing the idea of Walt’s story as a musical (and had already written half of the songs). His original plan was to use a live performance of the work (which has a fairly low-key feel) as his “prequel” to The Little Mermaid. However, when The Seven Year Itch was put in production two months after the original Broadway opening, the show failed to sell, and when Walt and Greta returned from the trip, the plan changed. They would instead follow the story from New York’s premiere performance to a performance in Boston, and from that point, the film would play out like a theatrical adaptation.

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