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Does it mean that she is actually going home, or just doing her duties? Will her parents try to stop her? Will she decide that she has no choice, and that if she is asked for her parents’ help in this particular case, she will be at their side? And even if she goes home, can she truly be reunited and have a happy life in Germany with her parents?

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There are so many questions! Just a few of them. So, I’m going to be asking some more questions in the comments, so that we can talk about what this all means, and what she really wants out of the whole event. I want to talk about her love for her boyfriend, Will. A few lines from the first book, where she says that she’s going to be staying in California, will probably ring a bell as an indication that she will be staying here in America. It’s possible that she could still be taking advantage of the benefits that the German Embassy (which still does provide good accommodations) is providing for their resident German guest, and she would have moved into their residence (or maybe the residence of their resident German guest) and taken some good care of him. We don’t know for sure if Will moved there and married her, or if he was just going to stay here, and that’s how they were originally planning on living with her in Germany. However, she certainly has not given up on him, so she is probably going to try to get him some new clothes, and maybe even something to eat as well. But, she has to tell her friends in Germany that Will is not available for his visits and to call him back if he does not happen to be there, and that would be the end of their friendship. The other concern that is going to crop up is how she’s going to live in Berlin’s West Berlin district. She was apparently asked not to use public transportation (perhaps to avoid giving away any personal information) because of the proximity of the trains that connect to nearby suburbs (like Regensburg) as well as their possible connection to the subway. If she is taking the subway to go home, she is going to have her own separate car with a key, and as such, it is possible that a small car might be available for her that would allow her to walk home.

And there are a few more questions that people have. For example, can she and Walt’s family get to Germany in time for their son’s birthday party? The last time Walt took

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