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I always liked jazz dance – because it was so relaxed, it made you really happy. One way to express this happiness is to look at the dance as a kind of art form: dance has a certain way of expressing and expressing something different from a song. That’s how I felt about the new music.”

One of the most interesting things about this release is that the “new” songs are the “old” songs on a smaller scale. A lot of people were very happy with the song “Hair”, which was the original version performed for the album by the pop group U.S. Girls. “They made it into a pop-rock song,” said Mika. However, the band decided to include some “old” music to create a new sound to fit into modern day.

“Hair wasn’t my first original song,” said Seo Jookho of Girls’ Generation. “It was a love song about me and my wife, and the reason why I made that song was to help my wife understand this. And then I wanted to make a song which could help my wife understand this because she always asks me when it’s okay to put up photos on my Facebook and such. That’s why I thought, ‘I can’t just make a song like this which is an album track.’ So I started with the lyrics and then I made a melody.”

On that note, Girls’ Generation’s other new song “The Boys” was written specifically for the first time for the album. Seo Jookho explained: “I thought to myself, ‘I think this song isn’t really fit for this album. I think if I create this song, I will make the album a lot lighter. So I’m making this song to show the lighter side of this album.'”

On the other new track “The Boys”, Girls’ Generation members discussed their relationships. “I remember we were on a train,” Lee Hyori said. “During the ride I thought, I’m really getting lonely. That’s why I think ‘I’ll put my head together.’ So I put my head together and made the song, which is ‘the boys’.”

Mika and Hyoyeon also made emotional reflections on their own lives. Mika said: “I want to say, all women have those moments where they feel bad, so we’ve had those moments now a few times. So we thought, ‘What if there was a way to express it that other women have had moments

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