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A New York City man with a history of alcoholism was shot and killed earlier this week after he drove into a fence.

Alfred H. Pfeiffer Jr. was shot after he drove into a fence on Long Island about 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, according to Suffolk County Police. He had been drinking, police said.

After he was shot, another passenger also in the car was injured. Their conditions were not immediately known.

As the federal budget deficit continues to grow, Congress is struggling to find ways to get spending down by slashing discretionary spending in an effort to restore America’s economic strength and its fiscal sanity to a critical path. One proposal is to cap the amount of money spent on non-defense discretionary spending.

What is a non-defense discretionary spending account? This one is a little more tricky. It is a set of programs that the Congress can use to set priorities for spending. Each program has a different budget limit (for example, the Pentagon can only spend money unless it’s a war item). A common way to think about what a non-defense discretionary spending account is is so that we can apply some logic to determine how much they can spend without causing the deficit to grow.

When is it “appropriate” for the Pentagon to spend?

Here is a chart of how the budget limits have changed throughout all three of the major spending programs.

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In the mid-1990s, Congress set spending limits for all non-defense programs. Since then, they have had the capability to put those limits in place or to waive them on the discretionary budget, which is more of a political mechanism that simply allows the Congressional Budget Office to generate numbers as far back as 1998 for a specific number of programs.

Why is the budgeting for these programs being decided by Congress?

The budgeting process actually does not actually control how much money is spent at the Pentagon. However, in the process of setting military budget priorities and the budget caps, Congress makes sure there is enough money to spend on the basic needs for all programs and agencies. The goal is to maintain a strong and resilient nation’s civilian and military infrastructure.

What are these priorities?

The Pentagon is obligated to spend $511 billion in FY 2018 — or 8.4 percent of GDP — on defense. Of that figure, $400 billion goes to military and $300 billion

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