How does dance impact society? – Social Studies Geography Definition

Can dance work to solve problems? What motivates the dancers that can make them do it? Is there a way to make more dancers and have less dance? Does a dance form make more sense with a different set of constraints than it does with many others? How about the same set of constraints without dancing? Is dancing an example for how to design, develop and implement new technology in the arts? This question touches on the heart of dance; for every dance form there are various problems it has to solve and different kinds of problems it has to solve. But, what if all those problems were being addressed by something that dances? How would this affect the dance and the other arts? Would it be more effective or costlier of a solution? How would all these different problems be solved? I’m not suggesting that dance might be the answer to all of the problems. I’m suggesting that dancing at the highest levels can have this impact. So, what is the role of dancing in the arts?
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Dance has been used as a technology throughout the centuries. It’s been used for a wide range of purposes. One of the greatest uses was for entertainment and entertainment has always been a major part of dance. The music is also used for entertainment purposes. For example the opera was the entertainment of the Middle Ages with a mixture of dances, music, costumes and dance. From about the 15th century through to the mid and late 1800s people danced a multitude of different shows and styles of dance. In the late 1800’s with a wide variety of dances and styles of dance danced and many other activities, it was felt that there would be no use for dancing as a tool for entertainment. The reason I bring this question up is that, the role of dance in the arts has changed dramatically over time. It used to be entertainment and there were many types of entertainment that dancers could perform. There are many types of entertainments today. From live dance, to opera, to operas, to shows with a mix of dance and other elements, there are many different types of entertainments that have entered the dance world. It used to be that people danced for entertainment but the modern dance industry has seen the value of using dance to solve some of the social problems of the modern world. The main problem addressed with dance today is how to manage the demand for dance for all types of use. This is an immense challenge at the moment because the demand for dance has no fixed limit. Now for a given skill, more people will be interested in this performance

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