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[laughs] Well, I don’t really have a view. It depends. I don’t even know if I have a view on it as well.


As the US prepares to host the world’s largest international security conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida next week, the media focus has turned sharply on Russia.

In an effort to keep the focus on the US and focus the issue away from Russia, the US media has been making Russia the centre of the “Russian cyber threat” narrative. In doing so, the media has helped further legitimise the narrative that Russia is at the forefront of the “new world order” and is responsible for the cyber-attacks against the US election, the Brexit referendum and other US elections.

Media coverage of Russia and Russia’s role in cyber-security has led to numerous US allies accusing Russia of hacking US government and military agencies. In their latest statements, the US allies stated that Russia “hacked US state agencies”, “hacked US military personnel and contractors”, “hacked US banks”, “hacked the Democratic National Committee’s server and email archives”, “hacked the Democratic National Committee’s email servers, and hacked the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee”.

When talking about Russian hacking, the Russian media have played very differently from American media. Russian media outlets have mostly covered the incident through their own perspective. Russia Today (RT) has often talked about how Russia has no intention to interfere in any international elections. Instead, Russia has focused on the US electoral process – something they do not do much else.

Russia Today has often discussed the fact that Russia has very little influence in the world. They point out that a major power like US is a great opportunity for Russia, because that major power is weak. In addition, Russia often emphasizes that in comparison to other powers Russia has always been a much more stable nation, and they are very secure at the moment with regards to being a strong global player.

In Russia Today’s view, US is a country that is not interested in doing things that would affect US interests. Their message has been that they have many interests which they will not let countries like Russia meddle in.

On that level, US isn’t an adversary, instead, the US is the only major power that is trying to control the world. In the same way, Russia feels the same way. When Russian state media talk about how the US government is a threat to Russia and wants to see Russia punished or even

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