Is Waltz a social dance? – History Of Social Dance In Philippines Flowers

Dramatic. This is one thing my mother used to say, and it’s true. Waltz is a dramatic dance. It moves so well together. You have to create a dramatic situation, right? It’s a dance of passion. It’s a dance of hope, a beautiful kind of art.

Your mother and your sister had such a powerful influence in your life and you can feel the love that you got from them. Can you talk about that and how they inspired you to reach out to other artists?

I was so happy about the first album that my mom told me to wait until I was older. Then I went into work on this album, which I think was the first one I listened to. Then I thought, “How can anything be my first love? How can I ever go back to that feeling?” I felt like a new person and when I started to play it for people, everyone said that was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. I was like, “Wow! That’s so sweet!” I was just feeling so much love from people and I had no idea how big it would really be.

You have been on an adventure. What does the future hold?

Right now I’m writing the soundtrack for an upcoming movie, which I had the opportunity to audition for. I’d been involved in theater, and I thought, “I don’t know anything else.” But I wanted to do this movie because all the movie producers were very kind to me and very supportive [in helping me find work]. The movie is called The Great Gatsby, which is an old story I read about that comes up over and over again. You go to this party, you go up, and everyone has a picture of the protagonist, Fitzgerald. Then you go to another party with other movie lovers, and suddenly the whole world changes – that story – and everything is the same. So the whole thing about it for me is, when someone says, “Oh, I love this movie,” I say, “Hey, I’ll audition – let me hear your song.” And then I come back and I’m like, “That was so beautiful. Let me play you my song again.” So that’s kind of how that’s been going. I had so much fun on the movie [Shakespeare in Love]. I had a great time, and I’m just really thankful for that.

How can we help support this art form while experiencing it?


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