Is Waltz a social dance? – Social Geography Includes

In the movie, Waltz is played by Marlon Brando, with the original title Le Cinte Blanc. Brando was born in 1928 in Montreal, Canada, the second of eleven children. He earned a secondary education in a French academy. At the age of seventeen (during the Depression, he was only seventeen-years-old, the age of legal drinking age), Brando was employed by a restaurant in Paris. That same night, he moved to Paris and attended the Theatre des Anglais there. There, he learned French, began acting, acted, learned French again! This is where Brando would go on to be “The Kid of the Century”, earning more than four Oscars and being awarded the National Medal of Arts by the US government. He later went on to star in the “The American West” television series. He appeared with a lot of really great actors, including Robert Altman and William Wyler of “The Godfather” series. Brando’s character Walt is a rich young man, who has moved from Montreal to Los Angeles on his own, and seems to have been living a simple, self absorbed life in both those places.

At the same time, this man, Walt, is learning the social dance and making more money, even though he has to go back to work and pay rent.

In order to get back to Montreal, Walt was asked by the town folk to do some social dances all over the place. He was to go through town in an old car and drive around town and be spotted by the kids, which would lead to them taking him in for the price of one beer and a movie. On the last street, all kinds of girls would be begging him to do the dances and in return, they would bring him an ice cold beer. He refused, and the girls all took to him, leading to the song “Waltz in Paris”, the tune being popularized by the music of The Doors. On a certain street, the guys on the roof of the place would make noise like “Oohs and ahhs” like in the movie.

On the next street, he would be approached by a woman who wanted to make out with him but could not go out on the dance floor so she offered him a job as a dance-master. That woman would pay him $1,000 a month to help her with the dances. That way, all the kids would see and want to work with him, so he could

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