What are social dances and dance mixers? – Social Dances Are A Type Of Ballroom Dances

Social dances are essentially group dance performances organized under the auspices of social clubs or organizations. This concept originated in the 19th century, after the establishment of the first social dance hall in Glasgow in 1876. In 1890 a dance mixer was created, with the purpose to offer something different from the existing social dance halls by using live sound and producing dances composed of different genres. Dance mixes have always been one of the most successful and popular types of social dance events, especially in big cities. The most successful dance mixes have also been one of the most popular types of music festivals. Dance mixes are a way to celebrate the community’s cultural heritage, to give people something to do for a time – or just for fun – that is not limited to what may be possible at the individual dance hall. The concept of a dance mix is not really new, a dance mix can be found in the 18th century in the UK and has been around ever since. As well as dance mixes, various types of dance events also take place throughout the year and are often included from time to time in the social calendar.

Who can do a dance mix?

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A dance mix can take place by itself or with various other types of dance events. In a dance mix – usually involving a certain number of people – the aim and intent is always to build the social atmosphere. If you want to do a dance mix with people, you have two options: 1- Dance and have fun with some friends or family, and 2- You take part in a dance or other types of event. If you want to play a role in a dance party then you may find it useful to go along too and help create a social event. If you wish to take part in different types of social event(s) then you may wish to discuss these with the people in charge, in order to avoid confusion. We always suggest that you read the FAQ’s for these type of events before you make up your mind to attend. Also if you have any special needs or concerns, be sure to contact the organisers or organisers of the event you wish to take part in. We would always recommend that you attend a dance mix with a friend who knows a lot about dancing, especially where dancing is concerned. We would also recommend that you have someone who can work closely with a number of people at a dance mix to ensure that the entire atmosphere is good and enjoyable.

The dance mix should be designed such that there are two groups or individuals – dance makers and dance guests –

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