What are social dances and dance mixers? – Social Dances Are Also Called

Social dance dance mixes is a way of working with other DJs in the same venue to create your own mix. It’s a very common skill that’s taught and popularised at the same clubs for DJs looking to create a more energetic feel.

Dancers can get this through taking the opportunity to work with other DJ’s and DJs have always done so in a very social, collaborative, relaxed setting.

Dance Mixers are a fun way to work with friends who like to dance a bit more than you do, whether you’re performing at their club or making a live performance yourself.

What is a DJ booth?

DJ booths are booths used by DJ’s and their assistants to play music and record material outside of the DJ booth. There are generally 3 different types in DJ booths;

The main DJ booth is where DJ’s play tracks outside of the DJ booth.

The booth is only used when a DJ is DJing to a large crowd where a DJ booth can help give the DJ the space to run a well-rehearsed set

The DJ booth is used for DJs practicing their skills in the studio.
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Is there an age limit for a DJ booth?

Yes, every DJ booth has an age range that is set by the venue owner (often set in a bylaw). DJs can play at the main DJ booth from a certain age and not be booked in the booth.

Does the DJ booth have to be open?

No, the DJ booth allows DJ’s to practice their skills in a different setting whilst keeping those skills in the studio so that they can start performing and keep learning new things.

So what are the main DJ Booth techniques?

While DJ Booth methods are very unique to each festival you attend, we can make a few general pointers to help guide you.

Try to use your DJ booth as a studio – This will help you keep your skills fresh, as well as give you more control over where your set is put.

When mixing – Don’t rely on preset mixes that are too loud. Instead, try using the different styles, genres and sounds from the DJs at festivals you’ve been to to create something different for each set.

I heard that they have rules for DJ’s to follow. What kind of rules?

The most important thing is that DJs are DJs and we don’t like it when others try to tell us how we can or can’t do something.

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