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Dances are divided by number of steps (ex. the 10th step of the 4-step system is not the first step, but 2 steps further down the 5th step etc.). For example, 5D5 and 7D4 look the same on stage, but with 7D4 is a leap with 4-steps (d1->d7, d2->d4… etc.) instead of 2-steps instead of 4-steps.

Step by step dance moves: A list with each and every step you want to do for this move.

For example, the 9th step of the C#2-A system looks the same on stage, but with a different 5B2 for a Leap Step:

7F3D2 (5B2->9B-6).

Dance Moves

There are many Dance Moves with a particular purpose that are shown in the table below for reference. Some have a different purpose in the game than shown in this table, but it is suggested that they are all included as Dance Moves for the most accurate mapping.

A Dance Move will show on an Enemy Base as a ‘Skill’.

Codes and Names

The name of the Dance Move is written as a number on the dance line. For examples, the following Dancing Moves will be written as 1-A9. For the sake of having a table, all Dance Moves names are written out as numbers in the form 1-A-9.

Codes that are used in the code can be seen under the code tag. Names can be seen under the name tag.


F2 A1-A7, B2 B1-B9, C3 C3-C-C3, D4 D4-E3, E5 E5-G3, F6 F6-F5, G7 G7-G-G7

Other Notes

Dancing Moves are only used by the first dancer you battle. They are not used by those you create.

If you have just a single dancer with no allies, it will be a 1-move to 1-skill type dance like the one shown below.

Dance Moves

If you encounter a Dancing Move that does not appear above, go to the next section and look at the code tags below for more information.

A Dance Move can also appear without a tag. You can see this by

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