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A: It is a traditional dance that we have to learn in order to become good dancers. The dancers usually wear a lot of different colors and make all kinds of motions that make their body look unique. The number of steps in each step varies and everyone chooses different numbers for each step. Also in this dance you can put two hands on each other instead of just one. In this dance, the partner who is singing is the one who is dancing. It’s a little tricky because you can’t sing with someone else singing. You can still dance, but you have to be able to sing in two different ways. If you can’t sing the partner who’s singing can’t dance, but if you’re the only one singing it makes it difficult for the partner to perform the dance.
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Q: What’s the biggest difference between Thai, Chinese, African, and Indian dancing?

A: The most different is the way people dance, their attitudes, and the clothes they wear. That’s why a lot of things go against each other in some dancing styles.

Q: What are the three biggest differences between Thai, Chinese, and African dancing?

A: In the traditional dances of Thailand, Chinese, and African dances most dance styles were developed on the same islands. They are very similar even though there is not a lot of diversity in the dance styles. In Chinese dance, the dance style is influenced mostly by Indian dances and the dance style changes with different people dancing. In African dance, dancing style varies between people and different cultures.

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A new study out of the University of Toronto on the subject of “post-truth” politics found that both the UK and US are turning against the idea of “fairness,” which they say is the heart and soul of democracy.

The study says “post-truth” politics are a symptom of the political divide between the “global elite” who want to keep everyone up to date about what matters, and the “consumerist” majority in the middle that are fed up the information overload they get from the media and their jobs.


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