What are the 3 purposes of dance?

– The dance is meant to inspire and transport people to the place of experience and expression. One’s dance will be an introduction to the various parts of the body; the dance will be an opportunity for people to experience and express their creativity and strength. The dance will also be an escape from the mundane world and help people learn to be more expressive in their social behaviour. In all situations, people’s dancing need not be limited by a set of rules and regulations.

Who are our donors? – To fund our dance we are raising funds via our fundraising project! Our current donors support our mission in its entirety. Each donation contributes to the work we are doing and is very much appreciated! Click here to learn more about our fundraising project.

How does your program relate to The Bluegrass Conservancy? – We are working with The Bluegrass Conservancy to help support the cultural heritage of the area we live in by creating and supporting community and cultural programs that teach people all of the important cultural messages that are expressed through our dance, the performance and art. Both our dance program and The Conservancy’s program are supported by local foundations.

Do you play a key role in shaping the experience of our community? – Yes ! We play a vital role within the community; in the community itself, in the arts of the community and within a broader cultural context.

What are your plans for 2013? – We’re looking forward to the holiday season, in which we will be able to make up for all of last year’s losses. This year we will be able to continue the same level of quality and variety as last year and expand our programs from three to six shows each day!

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What is the history of the place in The Bluegrass? – The Bluegrass Conservancy has been around for more than a decade. During a time when the area’s economy and culture were crumbling, a group of families and professionals worked with the residents in creating a more sustainable, fun and safe place for kids and adults to enjoy, learn and share the joy of music and dancing.

What did they do in 2012? – It was great to support so many diverse local artistes who gave their lives to make The Bluegrass a place their students could return to and experience on a daily basis. A total of 18 productions of music, dance and art have taken place at The Bluegrass.

Who are your sponsors? – We are able to support ourselves in the arts community because the sponsors of our local arts organizations support and