What are the 4 types of social dance?

I have to say, it’s pretty simple… a dance that is part music, part dance, part performance, is part dance and is part music. These four types are in no particular order.

• Movement & Rhythm

• Rhythm

• Performance

• Dance.

I will show you some of the popular movement types and explain each step of your dance. When playing a movement type, don’t just play the steps… if you play this same movement again, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’s as if you are playing a music note, but if you don’t stop the song, the music doesn’t end. Movement is really basic, and the first step in your dance is making the movement appear interesting and natural.

Movement Types

I will look at each of the four types of dance types and their use.

In terms of type, it is as simple as choosing the right sound. Rhythm is rhythm is the sound that makes a move look smooth and rhythmic. That’s also because in a dance, you should always have rhythmic moves. Rhythm is used throughout your dance.

Movement Examples

Before you play a certain movement type, be sure you can play any other movement type.

I love all types of music… from country & swing to rock & roll and even more exotic genres, like reggae & salsa. There are so many genres of music, it is difficult to find a type of dance that is suitable for all. If you know about different types of dance, think of which one(s) you should use for specific dance situations. A “classic” dance requires rhythm to form the basis, and all four types will help you to create your dance moves.

What is your dance type?

In the video below, you can see a short tutorial on moving a step or rhythm with the camera on your lap.

Movement Tips

• If a movement type doesn’t work for you, try the other types.

I can understand why you would prefer the first two or 3 types… you’re used to it already (I am a big fan of movement types that I know I can do). However, if you’re new to dance, it’s always a good idea to try a different type of movement and see how you like it.

• Practice the type you are trying to learn and try to see if your movement works or not.

How do I find out