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You will get lots of different definitions and different reasons. Some dance will be very active in your movement and some will be more passive and less active. It is up to your personal preferences though. Just know that these are some of the ways that they are different from one another and if you do get the “one” type, that is something to be very happy about!

1. Standing, Side Step, Side Step, Step, and Step up.

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This is just the traditional way that the dance is done. It is an active way of dancing and involves more of an open stance than the dancing type you might be most familiar with.

2. Standing, Standing-Forward, and Running Side Step .

This is one of the most dynamic dancing styles out there. This type of dancing involves a very quick forward lean to the side of the body. It is a great way to get ready to dance quickly and get into the rhythm of the dance. It will require more of a relaxed stance, though. It is extremely important that everyone in your circle be in a state of full dance relaxation.

3. Running, Running Side Step .

This is a bit more passive but still very much involved in your dance. This type of dance is a slower and less active way of dancing.

4. Running, Running Up, and Running Down.

This type of dancing also involves a very fast lean forward but also a fast back lean backwards to the side. This dance is an active dance that makes it easy for you to stay in the rhythm of the dance. It is more demanding on the entire circle. There is a very long way to go, but you are going to be dancing through it. This type of dance is a great way to incorporate people in your dance. It is the type of dance that most people need to be practicing most. Many beginners struggle with this type of dancing.

5. Back and Up.

This is very easy to do and very easy to learn. Most people only need to do one of these types of dance to be comfortable doing them. In fact, you should be learning a dance like this. I do a ton of this from the time I am 15 years old to when I reach 30 years of age. It is not only a great learning opportunity but it is a great feeling to do the thing you were always afraid you could do, with a full body rhythm. It is also an easy way to do it with people that

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