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A good example is that while all parties should take a moment to bow at their feet, especially when a guest has a question – the moment to bow at your guests.

How does the handshake differ from a bow?

When greeting someone you may not find them to be your type, you take a simple, gentle, yet firm handshake.

When greeting someone else, a bow is more relaxed – in most of us our handshake is a little awkward. In most of us the arm reaches out in the direction of the other person but not the other way around. For example, if you greet Mr. Jones with your right arm reaching backwards then the arm of Mr. Jones will tend to reach to that side. The most common question to me is “How did I do that?”.

This difference is not as significant as it often seems, it is a function a common misconception that there are two types of handshakes.

The truth is, we can both have more or less open or closed handshakes but you will notice that open handshakes tend to be faster in nature.

How do you handle a hug?

If a guy who is more popular than you hugs you, he should have a nice hug, not only will it mean someone admires you a lot, but you will be able easily pick up the attention with your hug – a hand shake. This doesn’t necessarily mean you hug someone with more respect at first – just that you hug them much more gently, with more smiles, without a jerk’s finger on your shoulder.

One of the best examples to illustrate the difference of a good hug from a bad hug is the best example ever:

The woman at the bar in a bar in the city that I visited once. She was on a date with someone.

In the picture, her husband came up to her and her boyfriend with a big smile on his face. His hands, on the other hand, are very cold, as if he has given a handshake earlier. He has no signs of affection for her.

In this case, she could have given him a hug with respect.

But she did not.

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So, this simple example could have been the wrong sign out of the many.

The problem is, we often are in a hurry to grab that attention at the beginning of a date to make sure, that by the end of the night, our potential date will feel wanted, that our

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