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The benefits are twofold.

First, you will be much more efficient at mixing your beats.

Second, a dance mixer can be used in a rehearsal, when the group is not in sync. You can use it to make beats before the group is even together, and so on.

Another benefit are the effects.

A dance mixer can use all kinds of cool effects to add colour and make a particular sound or beat more lively. The most famous ones are the “pogo” and “paddle”.

The pogo is used when you want to produce a “boomp” (boomp is a rhythm that starts and ends with a big jump).

The paddle can make you look like something like this.

And the most exotic thing is the “buzz” which is a simple delay with a little bit of noise effect added – the buzz can sometimes be used to make a little melody.

How to use a dance mixer

We used this one to make this post on the “What are the benefits of dance mixers” in our free course, and you can watch how to use it in a video here.

But it is no use if you still don’t know how to use a dance mixer.

The best and best example of such a mixer is this one:

You can watch how to use it in a video:

The dance mixers

In this section, we will discuss the popular dance mixing instruments which everyone will probably already own:

Loudness and clarity

Now let’s talk about the loudness and clarity of the drums.

You can check how you sound using just one of them and how a drummer sounds even more different using 2 or 3.

We will talk about the best tools for you to choose.


There are two types of loudness to consider: loud (phew!) and quiet.

There are some techniques for making a drum sound louder, others are useful for making the drums sound lower in frequency

The best tool for making a louder sound is a compressor. The same techniques for a quiet sound are quite hard to find.

Some drummers also like to use other sources of loudness for the drums. You can try using cymbals, cymbal hits and even your fist, if you have a good drum machine.

A great tool of this kind is the classic

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