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Mixers can give you a lot of flexibility in how you play, and in what style you play at a specific point in a show. Let me preface this by saying that you should never have to mix a specific type of music to work in a specific scene. For example, if you are a bass player in the bar band, then you might be able to play your instrument to different levels in different bars. If someone brings in a singer, you could use a bass player in a bar as a vocalist. That is what mixers do. When you combine a singer and a guitarist, you bring the sound of the bass player into the music and vice versa.

As a DJ, you should mix the music at a specific stage in a bar, to have the bass player on guitar playing a certain note at a particular time in the set. In a nightclub, when a dancer comes up next to a guy and hits him with her hips or gets some kind of energy up, that has to go at a specific time between when the music starts and when the dancer comes up. Mixing the music at the same time in one bar gives the dancer the opportunity to mix the music to one or the other of the two sections, and that can be used to great effect in a song.

As an entertainment person, one of the things you enjoy the most is getting out of your comfort zone. If you like to use your DJ equipment to their fullest potential, you ought to do at least one mix, if you haven’t already. I have a lot of respect for those people who use their DJ equipment to their fullest potential.

Now for some of my favorite mixes that I enjoy working on when I am out on the road. These mixes are based around different styles of music, and are often inspired by artists like Pharrell and Kanye West.

Dance music mixing is a lot like rock, rap, and electro music. The only difference is that there are some unique factors about each genre of music. For example, you can’t play rock on a rock station, so if you want to play a DJ, you have to pick another genre or make a new genre.
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A good DJ will have a musical palette that encompasses many different styles. So it is a very versatile and appealing field for DJs to play mixes for. When you have multiple musical fields working in tandem, as in funk, jazz, R&B etc., you get a lot of creativity. The difference between a

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