What are the benefits of social dance?

I would think that most of us think that dance classes and all of the music is all just entertainment or we don’t like being around the others at it, but in reality there are times when I have been so engaged by the music of another performer that I just couldn’t put my head down again and listen to anything else. There is a sense of belonging and belonging to a community that is so important and makes it feel great to be part of. It is just as important to connect and play with other people as it is to connect and play with yourself. In the same way that you like playing jazz music and being able to connect is part of your art form to perform, so when playing dance feels so easy and natural, it makes the music even more engaging and creates an environment that facilitates connection.
Avon Amateur Dancers Club

How did you form your role with Chicago Deltas?

They asked me to play drums and I was very excited to do it. It’s a completely different style of drums that I’m unfamiliar with and it’s something that I really liked. At first, it was hard to adjust to it. I was a bit nervous. The bass player gave me some advice that helped me stay on-track. I was also able to learn the rhythm better with drums. Playing with a drummer also helped with getting the right technique and keeping the rhythm in the right place.

I remember that they asked me to play the bass and I was quite surprised. It was so different from what I was playing before, but I loved it! When I got to the show, I thought it would be fun to just sit around and watch the show and sing along. I was also very excited to be part of the experience. I really think you could just tell how much we wanted it. I was actually very nervous before I even stepped on stage. The first time the band came on stage, I immediately felt a sense of ownership.

When did you start looking into the club scene?

I moved to Chicago in the fall of 2016 and I had been interested in getting into the club scene more and more. I ended up auditioning for the band and just did what they asked me to do. I really enjoyed it though and the rest is history! I ended up playing drums on the band’s first album and then was asked to try out for the Deltas. It was a great gig for me personally. It was not something I was excited about but I think I was just excited to be involved