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The characteristics of social dancing reflect a variety of factors, including general social ability and social environment. Social dance can include a variety of aspects including:

Ladies’ style [dances performed with only women]

Ballet style [dances performed with two or more men]

Tango style [dances performed with more women]

Swing style [dances performed with many men]

We are happy to share our dance repertoire with you or have it customized for you to suit your preferred style.

Kanye had a brief conversation about a tweet the other day about how much of a bitch it would be if a lady with three kids and no life stepped in and bought a house for her three-year-old son. And that was it.

After all, Kanye West’s son, Saint, is a very special, special kind of special: a born human being who has three moms.

Kanye, by the way, is not alone. The number of parents with more than three children is surprisingly high. It’s not shocking, since we live in a world where we tend to be more child-free and we even live longer than before, and we tend to want to keep our children’s genes in the family, even if that means making a sacrifice on the way.

It’s pretty cool.

But here’s the sad part: these are some moms who need their own houses in order to raise their kids. There’s just no way to buy a house in most parts of the country for under $200,000, even in pricey cities like Atlanta. It may seem crazy, but the reality of raising a family in such a pricey, low-rent environment is not.

I wrote last year about two families (one of them named “La” after the fictional French restaurant in the hit movie “The Sopranos”) who wanted to buy a two-story house in Atlanta. The Atlanta property was only $185,000.

But those two families couldn’t afford the purchase — they needed more help from charity. Charity that came in the form of grants, grants from the city and the city’s affordable housing division, and a whole lot of free rent. It all made an extremely expensive move seem affordable to both these families.

This year, the city of Atlanta is going through a housing crisis. You’ve probably heard about it at some point. Home prices are soaring in the area and the city’s unemployment is

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