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Well, it’s a combination of three categories. There’s the traditional dance class, the contemporary dance class, and the world dance class. Of the three, the world dance class is the lowest. So it’s not the highest. Most people who move in that class are very low-level dancers. The world dance class is generally the lowest class in dance classes. That’s why I’ve seen so many low-level dancers in my class. They’re not dancers but they do get a lot of attention from the higher level teachers.

Why are low-level dancers so common in the class?

We also have to deal with how much we can say at a time. You’ve got to explain it to someone else’s ear. A dancer might be very good at all three and still get asked to change places. I just think it happens out of habit. People just know the three and move on the third.

Which are the biggest problems?
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For the first week, I’ve had a lot of people who were struggling to learn how a line moves. There are different ways they move their legs, but they get it wrong the first week. The second week you’ll get a lot with how to move a line with two hands, but with three you’ve got to make them understand the concept.

“People just know the three and move on the third.”

A great dancer will have a lot of problems with just how people move when they’re having problems with their rhythm. I’m not saying all dancers don’t have problems, it just can mess up rhythm.

How have teachers dealt with this?

When I first started, I had one-to-one coaching classes with a good teacher in Portland. We have a one-to-one coaching class where we’re talking and asking questions. Then we have a two-person team where we coach three-to-five dancers but we’re coaching everyone individually.

Why didn’t you switch to a two-person team?

Because all my clients have a different style. All I wanted was to get everyone more comfortable dancing with each other, and I think we’ve just established a rapport that I just can’t replicate on my own. It wasn’t about getting all my clients into the same styles but about learning more about each person’s particular style.

Why did you make the change?

Because I think it will help them with all of the styles. They’re all so great

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