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Are we to consider it simply as a social activity, as it is in a lot of other dancing cultures? Or can social dance be defined as a group practice performed jointly and as a social and political activity, a collective practice of participation in the dance community?

If social dancing can be defined as collective practice, as a “community dance” – can it be distinguished in that way from traditional dance?

To have social dancing in the traditional sense, and then to make it “dance-able” – does that imply that people want to move dancing in the traditional sense?

Is it still the right thing to do, after all, to do traditional dance or to do dance for dance’s sake?

Are there reasons – practical or social and ideological – that people continue to dance traditional ways, rather than dance dance-able ways?
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Let’s say I go to a dance school in England and decide to become a social dancer. So, by this time, my mother and friends have decided to support me in this choice.

Do you think they do so under their own free will?

No. They are pressured by the government to do so under the law. They might even be advised to do so. They are probably convinced their friends have decided to help them do social dancing, and their help is to be applauded.

But would they have made any other choice about my dancing?

I think if they had done a survey of their dance students – their attitudes to dance, and to dance-able dancing – they would have found that most of them (or at least some of them) were not interested in dancing for dance’s sake. Many would not want to do dance for dance’s sake. They might feel it would be bad form. They would have been persuaded to do some form of dance if they had been given the chance to tell a dance teacher or the dance society or dance coach, or the dance society, or a dancemaster. They might have been told that it would be inappropriate behaviour at the dance; that was why my parents told me, too. But they wouldn’t necessarily believe any of those things – they would need lots of persuasion.

If social dancing is simply an activity of dance-able dancing, then why is it so socially acceptable? Why is social dancing acceptable?

It isn’t always. Sometimes in very remote areas you can dance social dancing and still win prizes, if you are good at it. I know some people who

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