What are the different types of waltz?

There are three main types of waltz.

Short, Short, and Long

This type of waltz is the shortest. In the music, it is often played at a 4/4 time. When the guitar plays a long waltz, or just plays a long note, this is known as a Long (or Extended) waltz.


This type of waltz is much longer. A Long waltz is typically 1 to 1.25 beats or longer.

How long should the waltz be?

The most common waltz length seems to be 0.75 to 1-1.25 beats.


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The longest waltz length is usually 1.75 to 2 beats.

In the music, a Long waltz is commonly played on an A-flat. This is called a “short” waltz.

When should the waltz be played?

A well-made waltz consists of a good start, a steady down, and a steady upward progression. This progression will usually last for longer than it took you to get to the song.

An important part of the waltz progression is the right-hand stop. This stops the progression at a note you want. Here are some guidelines to help you put it together:

When you stop on the downbeat, go to the next note.

When you stop on the upbeat, go to the next note.

If you need more help, watch the steps and check the example below.


When you stop on the left-hand down beat, move to the next note.

Stop on the upbeat. Then, move to the next note.

When you stop on the left-hand upbeat, go to the next note.

Now, you can think about the start point and finish point of the waltz. This explains how long a waltz is.

For a quick overview of the song and to find your starting point, take a listen to an audio sample and see how the music sounds.

You may need help from another person with this kind of song, so listen to how they start it. Then, try to get a general idea for how long the song is.

It’s important to make some notes to yourself when a waltz is being played. This