What are the different types of waltz? – Social Group Dance Studio Johannesburg

The most common type of waltz is the six-move combo:

1. Jump up and hit the waltz button.

2. The next move is a jab. Some waltzes do not have a jump but use a different type of attack (usually an up special or a special) to hit the waltz button.

3. Hit the button, then jump for the next move.

4. Hit the button, then get a jump to hit the button again.

5. Then hit the button again. You can also jump over your opponents, and when you hit them with the button twice, they will be knocked off their feet.

6. Then make another jump and hit the button three more times. If you hit the button on the third time, they will be defeated, not killed.

7. Repeat for as many times as necessary, until you get the combo done.

Waltzes follow these steps, but are not restricted to them. This is because the characters are very different, each having slightly different moves and attacks. So in order to get the most out of your waltz, you need to be looking at your opponents, making their moves and attacks look like the moves and attacks of your character.

If you are playing with other players on the same server, you can use a “waltzy” guide. It’s designed to help beginners understand these types of moves, and to assist you with learning their moves.

You can view a copy of the guide for free at the bottom of this website.

The best way to get started:

Practice a few moves. Some good beginner moves are:

Jump up and hit the WALTZ button

Jump down, hit the WALTZ button

Jump back up, hit the WALTZ button

Get on the floor. Jump to a corner, then get behind the corner and do an up special.

Stand up, get behind a corner, and go for a back flip.

Jump up and punch someone in the corner.

Jump up and get on the ground, then get down, hit the WALTZ button.

Tilt your stick to get down.

Hit your WALTZ button while getting ready to punch. If you are playing with someone you also may want to use a game of catch to practice dodging their attack, then hitting the W

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