What are the different types of waltz?

The only type of waltz is to take a walk down the city and enjoy the sunshine. Waltz is an all-day event that involves various different kinds of music and food. These two types of dance are not exclusive to any one dance or music.

Dance & Food

Traditional style and street dancing are still present on many streets in Tokyo. For example, at Chiyoda-ku, there is a traditional style street dance that uses wood, straw and other traditional materials.

There are also numerous street food events that occur throughout the year in Tokyo. The cuisine for these types of events includes traditional Japanese street food, hot dog stands, soukoyaki restaurant, and many more.

The traditional Japanese food on the other hand, is typically much more interesting, interesting and different. Hot ramen, which is the standard Japanese restaurant dish, is a unique dish on the streets of Tokyo. It contains a very small portion and it doesn’t resemble another restaurant dish as much. Other dishes that often contain an element of “hot” is chashu, which is hot fish sauce. There are other dishes which can often seem like they are more like a “bibimbap” due to their spicy/cinnamon flavor.


Aside from the traditional Street Dance and the traditional Hot Dog Stand, many small sports competitions exist. These types of tournaments are not as widely known as they used to be. Most of these events occur on certain days of the week for different competitions. One of the most popular types of competitions is the Street Cup in which various athletes compete against each other in various types of athletic activities that are held on specific days throughout the week. The first part of the month being the “Day of the Match”, which is a day for the athletes to practice.

Some of these events include Olympic and World Cup (Japanese Taekwondo, Taekwondo Japan, and Taekwondo Korea) competitions.

Other sports that are often celebrated on each Day of the Month, such as:

Street Races

Various Street Races are held throughout Tokyo. These events are very popular for the fun of it. In most cities, there is at least 1 running event per day in Japan. Some of them may have multiple races per day, which is especially rare in Tokyo.

Another type of running event, is called Hoka Hoka. It consists of many different races and the winners are then awarded a