What are the names of hip hop dance moves?

Some of the best moves to learn are those that you know and understand, such as hip hop dance moves, and you can apply or add to those moves to make things more challenging or more complex. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites, which can be applied to pretty much all hip hop and dance moves that are not too hard, whether beginner or advanced.

Hip Hop

Jumping, step flips, and back flips are some of the best hip hop dance moves to learn right off the bat. Once you’ve mastered those, you can look for other moves like double leg, or spinning wheelbarrow, or high knees. We recommend working up to more complex and challenging hip hop dance moves in the future.


Body climbing is a popular sport that teaches climbers how to balance, balance, and balance themselves on the ground in order to climb up a wall. The movement, while often used for climbing on walls, can also be used to balance and balance over or under stairs, or on uneven terrain. To improve your performance, you can add other moves like leg twists or jumping leg raise.


Tango dancing, and other forms of Brazilian dancing, are great for learning new dance moves. We recommend starting with simple moves first, and try out your favorite moves in the dance. There are also a huge variety of different dance moves you can apply from tango to ballet to jazz to salsa to rock or pop music. Take time to discover and apply moves in new and unfamiliar contexts.


Skating is a game in which two players attempt to control the puck with their feet in different ways, and skate to score points. The ultimate goal is to skate to the end of the rink, and you can do this in a number of different ways, including:

Possession of the puck by one player

Passing the puck, or
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Trying a pass, or

Skating the puck by yourself without the aid of another player.

To learn some of the moves you can perform in skating, see a video of us playing. Just be sure you’re familiar with the basic moves: If something is going fast, slow down. If you have an opponent nearby to practice on, it’s a good idea to do the same moves, and show them how you got it. For tips on skating skills for beginners, take a look at our guide here.