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“The Kandi!” “The Back-and-Side Kandi!” or better yet, “The Werk Stick!”

Which character did not appear in the film, but which did appear in the film’s soundtrack?

One of the most interesting elements of the movie was the casting of James Gandolfini (the most famous person for the first “Star Wars” movie), and the movie did feature a whole bunch of “Solo” style dances by various celebrities.

The “Jedi Knight” was played by David Suchet in a cameo. And “The Hutt” was played by the late Bill Paxton.

Why is this not on Wikipedia?

So there you go. This is my attempt to create a top 100 Star Wars trivia page for my friends and I. What do you think about these lists? Is there any other list from our own generation, from my childhood? Who were the biggest Star Wars villains you came across? Do you think that there are any hidden Star Wars facts, or that this list isn’t complete enough? Please share your questions/comments below! Thanks for reading!


The U.S. has a lot of military training abroad, but a new report shows our forces aren’t always trained adequately, and could get even worse if the Pentagon fails to reform the training curriculum.

“Our military training system is at its weakest point in over half a century. And in an era of constant threat, this is unacceptable,” said Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who retired in July from the Marine Corps as the top military adviser to President Obama.

“Military personnel do not train in combat,” Wilkerson said in a prepared statement.

“Instead, we send a vast proportion of our training abroad, to countries where we don’t have clear-cut interests or long-term partnerships with local communities. This wastes money, fuels resentment, and creates opportunities for terrorists,” said Wilkerson, whose latest report is titled How I Lost My Peace Corps.

This raises the question: Why are our military, especially its top officers, letting American taxpayers foot the bill for U.S. troops being trained abroad?

The report comes after Congress authorized military training in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005, and President George W. Bush signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007.

But many lawmakers who originally backed these actions have grown weary of the endless overseas wars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. These

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