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A dance is an expression of the mind in its purest form: in music, motion, and language it is an exact representation, every detail in proportion; in dance it is the only expression which can attain such perfect clarity. And yet the dancer in these moments also speaks to his partner; he feels the other, his body, by moving in harmony with the other. He feels every detail of the moment, in its connection with himself and with all the others. Thus he gives voice to the whole, and in the words of Rimbaud, ‘I am that.’ This is the real essence, that is the thing, of dance. It is not abstract; it is life; it is love. ‘Love is my whole.’—Buckwild.

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Dance has as its sole goal only that of expressing the spirit of our people. We have never been interested in the spectacle: we are not interested in picturesque or eroticism. At the very beginning of my life I was the same as the rest. There was one evening when I heard a girl, of fifteen or sixteen sitting by herself at the front of a house, with her hands folded on her lap, in a little red dress and bare feet; it struck me that her face was beautiful and her expression was sincere; it seemed as if she was crying her eyes out. I felt pity for her. All the women I saw seemed to me ugly and unhappy. I did not feel pity because I knew that her soul was beautiful—I wanted only to know that there was beauty in the soul. A boy and child sitting with their arms round their head looking up at the sky are far from what I knew about the soul. They had a perfect innocence about them that struck me intensely; what could it be but the spirit of innocence? Why did I so much like them, for I saw that they had no talent, they had no talent; I felt pity for them, and with an ardent desire to help them in their search for it. Later I saw that they were in fact a kind of child, and the same is the case, to a certain extent, in all our dance movements. Their innocence was so perfectly clear that there was no mystery, and yet a mystery existed.

Every movement of the body or of the mind is to a greater or lesser degree a movement of the spirit. A movement at which our consciousness is not perfectly clear is not a movement of the spirit in its purest form. The movements which we find in the

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