What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Social Dance Lessons Near Me Hip Hop

If you need an introduction to ballet.

If you’ve never danced before, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complexity of choreographic elements. However, the three most crucial elements are: the beat of the music, the movement of the dancers, and the energy of the audience. The beat of the music is what moves your body, and in turn your body moves that of your dancer. The movement of the dancers is very important in that your dancer moves your body and moves the audience, and the tempo of your dance is key to the rhythm of the music.

I think of dancers as a group. So every dancer moves their bodies in a “wave”, with the most dominant body (the dancer who has the greatest number of legs) moving in the center and the rest of the dancers all following in the waves. I’d like to say “dancer” but the best I can do is the “waves” of a group of people. A wave is a group of people who all have a common pulse. So when I’m talking about the rhythm of a dance, I’m speaking of a rhythm in the sense that the rhythm of everybody’s bodies and the energy of the audience reflects that rhythm.

The energy of an audience is the energy a music has to create in the audience.
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So with that said, in most live situations a live dance will have energy generated by each and every one of the people in attendance. But if you want live dancers and can’t afford to buy some expensive studio gear, you can just do it. If you’re on Facebook, Facebook is your friend. It might be the best place to discover people who are going to be in your choreography group!

Are You a Professional or Not?

OK, now it’s time to pick some music. Most of you have heard of “T-Rex” or “Black Sabbath” or “Black Crowes”. Are you familiar with the music? I would not be surprised if you haven’t, and that’s OK! There isn’t a one-size fits all answer. So I’d encourage you to just look at the bands you’ve heard in the past that have had success on the dance floor. You might be surprised with who you might pick to dance your choreography with.

I would not recommend an introduction to dance from a “professional” or “professional level”, unless you have some experience on the dance floor yourself. But for most dancers, a “pro” or “pro-

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