What are the three choreographic elements of dance?

How do they relate to choreographer, actor, and audience?

To be truly expressive, a dancer has to be in touch with the elements: movement, expression, and language. All three require special preparation and training, and each has its own particular qualities and weaknesses. In addition to the dancer’s individual capacity for these elements, the choreographer can guide and support the dancer in both understanding their needs and achieving their goals. The process of developing the choreography is called “the dance.”

What are three aspects of choreography? Why are they important as a dancer’s practice?

The three aspects of choreography are:



Emotion and passion.

If you learn to dance by understanding the choreography then you can develop the skills you need to get started. Then, with the understanding of the choreography and the skills you develop, you will be able to perform and connect with the audience better.

How to choose your class size and number of students.

The numbers of students in class and the types of classes required for each type of dancers vary from dance to dance. Dance classes may be more or less structured or more physical, for example:

Classes with more teachers and more advanced people in the class are recommended for dancers new to dance. The dance classes also offer a higher challenge than beginners classes do.

Classes for beginners might vary from physical to more formal and more individualistic with groups of five or fewer dancers.

Classes for intermediate dancers would often be more structured with groups of three or more dancing together, with or without the teacher in the class.

Advanced classes would use groups of four dancing together with the teacher.

As dancing develops through a dance, the number of dancers and types of dance classes can be increased. The amount of skill that students develop can be increased too, but usually more in groups in groups of five or fewer, not with two or three dancers in a group of five.

How much can we expect to earn?

The average annual fee for a choreography class is $200. However, the total income from dance classes varies from year to year, between one and seven times an individual’s weekly income. The average person earns $250 a year each and every week from dance classes.

Can I learn how to dance?

As we progress through dance studies, it can be helpful to begin to explore your individual dancer’s talents to find out