What are the two classification of social dance? – French Social Dance Crossword Clue

It seems that dancing as social dance is usually classified according to the gender of the dancers, so they are usually:



If we look at the dancers who dance with the intention of having an affair, but never have, we can identify the male as the one who dances to achieve an intimate relationship. He has a “higher intention,” and, of course, makes “higher performance” of his dances.

For instance, I am very attracted to women. My brother’s girlfriend has sex with him. When I see him with her I feel my blood turning to ice. If I see him with my wife, I feel my blood turn to honey. The girl is the one who needs the men. She can’t survive. That’s how my heart is broken (Sasha)

It is interesting to know that Sasha describes not the “higher intention” — even if she doesn’t realize it, it is something she has to deal with all the time — but something she can’t stop “living in the present moment,” which is essentially her soul.

This observation gives me many clues. Sasha notes that, “I am very attracted to women.” This does not mean that she loves other women, only the man she is attracted to, and this she is attracted to physically, “while I am in the present moment.”

The “higher intention” is what is different in Sasha from other men. The woman wants someone to have her life with. The man wants her. He wants the right to his soul. The “higher quality” of the man’s dance is, therefore, not in terms of its quality of intention, its artistry, but in terms of his quality of physical presence. He is moving with the “higher quality of intention” (which is the highest goal of dancing), his physical presence.

Dancers with the opposite social mindset are generally more feminine. They like to dress sensuously: “If it is winter and it’s cold I have a good time in the bathtub with a bottle of cognac.”

This type of social dance is, to some extent, about feeling the need to express what is inside the dancer; about the desire to reach “a goal.” They are trying to have intimate ties.

When are social dancing and personal dancing the same in a relationship?

In relationships that are mutual and emotional, the opposite social dance (which is about feeling and connecting) takes place. If you have to

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