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If you like to dance, you’re a choreographer, which would mean you’re creating and producing some kind of performance art. But if you like to learn, you’re a choreographer or choreographer coach. You’re teaching others how to dance in one way.

What would be the difference between these different types of social dance?

They would both be learning in different ways. For example, ballet dancers are both dancers and choreographers—and choreographers don’t teach dance. But if you’re a school teacher, you’re teaching dance in one way—learning.

How should we think about social dancing now, after so many years of seeing people dancing in different ways? What is the difference?

Many times, people are thinking about who the choreographer is and who the dancer is. But that’s a mistake.

A choreographer is someone who creates, teaches and practices the types of dance that I want to teach. For example, an American Ballet Theater class might teach dance or have lessons, and that class might also have classes that are part of other choreography programs that people might also be interested in (or just learn). So a dancer and a dancer coach often have different roles and experiences.

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In the dance studio of a major ballet company, you’ll find two dancers, both of which are responsible for producing a dance. The choreographer teaches the dance but also encourages others to learn it. The dancer coach is responsible for teaching the dance and making sure that people are learning it as well.

Both the dancer and the coach have similar roles in the dance production. They’re also part of the production team, so they’re part of the company and organization.

Do social dance and ballet dancers often have different ideas about what a style (dance) should be?

Social dance—and I mean social dancing—does exist in all kinds of different ways. I think one reason that it’s sometimes hard to understand what social dance might even mean is because sometimes it’s viewed as a new dance. So the word “dance” carries different connotations, depending on who is using the word. Also, some of the people who are teaching and practicing social dance, like dance teachers, may be teaching and practicing two different styles—some people think of dancing as dance and dance teaching is another aspect of what people might imagine a dance coach doing.

There are many different styles of social dance. But if you take dancers with different interests from

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