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I like to try to see it as a genre. There are a lot of different people dancing. That doesn’t mean they’re doing the same kind of thing. I would say the dance style is something that is constantly changing. What is happening is it’s happening through the dance studios. As a club owner, you’re trying to make it as hip as possible within your space, with everything you’ve got. If you don’t pay attention to any trends, you’re just going to be a bit lost with the types of people and the types of moves.

And if I can teach you some basics and give you some advice, there might be someone else who can help you. I like to see people dance and learn from their mistakes. I like to see people getting better at certain points in time, or get better at something and then move on. I like to see it as an evolving whole of dance. It can be a lot of different things. We don’t really have a term for dance now.

Do you consider yourself a dancer?

I do, but I don’t think I’m a dancer really. I might be a bit of a dancer and if people ask that I’m not sure if I am or not. I do dance with people I know. I’ve been a part of a few different dance studios but I can’t really just call myself part teacher or part teacher of dancer. I don’t think anyone is a dancer for me. I think there’s always a different dancer with each style you see. That’s the truth. You can do dancing with anyone. It takes time to develop a dancing style, an experience, but I think in the end, the better dancers are the ones that make sure I’m always being watched, keeping up to date…I’m just doing this for the joy of it and learning as much as I can. I think it’s a great opportunity for people to learn the dances and to see new things. I feel like you should always do new things. If I can help teach other people some new things, why not? That’s what dancing is all about: learning, changing and learning it again and again and again. If you’re going to keep being someone who has your own style.

If this article inspired you to try a little dance with someone new, you could start with a class at one of the studios listed below.

Stonewall Dance Studios

1st & McVay Dance Studios


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