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What’s my favourite dance? It’s a lot more than just a dance – it is what makes me me!

The difference is that I am aware and able to understand a dance to a greater degree than the average person and it has changed my life quite a bit. I’m a good dancer and the whole thing is an integral part of mine.

And to think, I started out as a streetwalker on the streets of Kingston!

What Clothes to Wear Salsa Dancing (A Salsa Dress Guide ...

For me, walking down the middle of the city on a bicycle was my childhood dream and now it’s my life!

It’s about time I get my hands on some of this fantastic equipment from Jockey!

Cape Town – South African President Jacob Zuma has said the country must come up with creative solutions to solve the so-called “Zuma problem” and said he is open to using sanctions to pressure his fellow world leaders to be more transparent.

“We don’t have any other option. We have to solve this issue through dialogue in a meaningful way,” Zuma told reporters late on Wednesday after discussing the situation in Venezuela with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez.

“If it were up to me, we definitely would have some kind of sanctions that would allow us to pressure countries like South Africa which are not very transparent,” he added.

Zuma did not elaborate further on what might be a solution, calling it a “complex matter and a challenge that we need to solve on this issue with our colleagues,” he said.

During the media conference in the Presidential Palace, Zuma acknowledged some of the problems with the global financial and political systems and said they needed to be addressed by other means.

He said the Zuma problem was mainly an economic one, and that South Africa needed to improve its “fiscal model” to be able to address some of the larger financial issues.

Venezuela, he said, has a large debt load, had to face an oil shortfall this year and was facing pressure to implement structural reforms or face significant problems.

Zuma also said, in a sign, that he might consider asking the Organization of American States to extend his mandate.

“Now that I am President and things are starting to change, and there will be some kind of change there, perhaps I will call upon the OAS to extend my mandate,” he said.

On his last term as president, he said it was “the best time” to try different approaches to tackle the

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