What dance means to me? – Characteristics Of Social Dance

Dance: “To the heart and all, to the dance, to the one that was born again” (Luke 12:41). The word “dance” comes from the Latin dacto, meaning dance, which is literally, “to dance.” I’ve found many things in dance, from a dance performance on a bridge to a dance party to a dance on the moon! My favorite dance? The dance of the fish. The first time I encountered this dance in person was in an old church in the old nation of Mexico. I was about to start my second semester at college, and this place in the old nation of Mexico was a must. I’d never been to Mexico, and I didn’t think that dancing might have some attraction for me. I was about to leave school without graduating, but, just as I was getting out of the car, an older couple came walking in and stood right under my nose. “Is he your uncle?” asked a white Mexican man, shaking his head no. “No. No no no no.” I was in disbelief. These two older men had introduced themselves to me as my aunt and uncle. “You can come to my room,” I said, and so they did. I was very moved by the experience, and decided to become an apprentice with the dance teacher. I was really proud of this decision to become such an apprentice. Because one’s social status can be linked to the status of their dance, one should understand the importance of a dance teacher in our community. Because the dance is not traditionally taught with white people, I felt that it would be a great asset to me. As for my Aunt and Uncle, though they were great dancers, the older woman was the best friend I had. If I had the chance to have a conversation with her after all these years, I would definitely ask her to dance for me and my new friend. “Why are you working with us? You are not allowed to do this sort of thing.” Because of my aunt’s dance skills and her friendship, I began to feel that maybe I should change my path and become a white person. The decision to become a teacher was not something that I was sure myself; I had to make the ultimate decision about this very personal act of love. “But what if I had already decided?” I asked myself. I could change my path to a teacher and continue dancing, but there was one more thing I had to do. There was another dance which I had never learned. After an old Mexican

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