What dance means to me? – Most Popular Social Dances

Dance? No. I mean the music. That’s what I’m looking for. (I try a couple of other words) I’ll say something with my voice like “Oh” and there’s always room.

We’re also a group comprised of guys like myself who grew up together, who know each other, who got involved together in certain clubs and things. And for me, that’s the thing. The most important part is that we all have been there, in the same clubs together, and we’ve heard the same songs at the same time.

So it should be a seamless transition to the new music.

I think it should.

So what do you think this might do for The Black Arts?

I think everybody should go, and there should be a new lineup. There should be something for everybody. That’s it. I think that’s what we all want. There must be something out where the artist can make their own music or be a little bit different with what is accepted for the moment. You know? But we will get there, but it takes time.

But the whole point was to show and make something out of that, make it our own…and a fresh new direction, new sound. This thing feels to me, it feels the most comfortable as it has been for a very long time. (Smiles).

But there are other elements, as you said before, that are new. It should still feel very familiar.

Yeah, absolutely. You just have to find a way to have more time to think about it. It can be very stressful, because everybody wants to put something out. I know every artist here likes to think that they know the whole process. I don’t know how you know that. I was at Universal once, a friend of mine gave me all the records for every single album and I just looked, there was nowhere to find it. It was all gone. I didn’t even know the artist on the records…and he came out with music that was similar to mine but was missing some elements. I don’t feel the pressure as much anymore. But it’s also important, so I like how you do that, you show us.

I would say that the music does also have an element of surprise. Like, if people want to know more about it, that’s great. And it has to do with something in the sound. I feel that the sound now has a slightly darker, more

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