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As an adult dancer, you wear clothes all day long. And you don’t have to worry about things like style. The main thing, though, is they wear the clothes you want to see them in.

A common example of clothing that most people wear is clothes that are “satin” in skin tone. This is when the material is white and the fabric is black – the more “blonde” the better.

I do not recommend that any professional dancer wear these, however – it is common for a professional dancer to be wearing some sort of high rise dress that is more like a tshirt – it covers most of the body, but it doesn’t appear as if it is very sexy or revealing. Instead of wearing dresses of this type, dancers in the adult industry wear pants and shorts.

One thing I am sure about – no one thinks they’re sexy! The main thing that people need to know about adult performers (and most of them do not even know it).

Where do you dance?

Every person I know in the adult industry will have at least one “home base” where they go and where they are comfortable enough, with the right wardrobe and gear, to perform at a club. When I dance at clubs, I am usually more than 50 minutes from home. In my experience, a club DJ is more than enough help to pick up all the right music, and have the right crowd, at the right time – otherwise you are stuck with the DJ.

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