What do hip hop dancers wear? – Social Dance And Dance Mixers Pptx

If your answer is “the old ones from the 40s,” then you’re not alone. “This is exactly the same,” according to photographer Michaela Schuman. “You won’t find modern-day hip hop dancers wearing any clothes,” she told the New York Post. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at this video, shot by Zulema Rodriguez for the online publication Mondo Magazine.

7) Why do they have to dance nude?

Naked hip hop dancers don’t go to the gym or even wear clothes, but they certainly don’t need to in order for you to appreciate their talent. That’s because each one of them has a body that can rival anyone you’ve ever seen. “There are so many of the bodies,” said Dr. Michael Brown of a famous hip hop group called OutKast. “All of them are the hottest on the planet. I could sit in my trailer and watch them perform and not get a single look at their bodies.”

8) What do they wear?

They know exactly how to look great while performing — you just have to watch and admire! Here’s a shot of rapper Diddy in 1999, at age 12:

9) How do hip hop dancers work?

In the early 1990s, hip hop singers wore very long skirts and tight, high-heeled shoes, and some hip hop dancers today have matching sneakers, gloves and jewelry to match. “In the early days you needed to get the feel right to be an athlete,” said Michaela. “These days, hip hop dance is not just sexy dance — it’s sexy dancing. And it needs to be sexy because it’s important.”

10) Who’s the worst rapper?

Well, it’s not Kanye West, but the rapper who can be credited for bringing hip hop back to a mainstream audience is none other than Andre. When we say “mash up” hip hop, we don’t just mean a good rap about having sex with a gorilla.

“The hip hop generation, and the hip hop generation that grew up in the ’80s is just like the baby boom generation and the baby boom generation was a generation of college-educated, professional middle class kids who went to public universities during that time,” Andre told the UK’s Daily Star.

“But we don’t just talk about the hip hop generation as just college kids from the ’80s. We have a generation of young men and

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