What is dancing for you? – Intimate Dance Types

” Dance? It’s my first dance. ”

” You’ve got your hands all tangled up, ”

” Well, you can get those untied, ”

” But I haven’t got hands! ”

” You know what, sweetie? ”

” You can let go, you can let yourself go! ”

” It’s good for you, it’s good for me, ”

” Now, I’ve learned to be a very good dancer,”

after the dance, and then,

the mother-figure is back on track.
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What are the things that you’re able to remember?

” I’ve been looking at the sky all day,

and I’m sure it’s looking down on me now,

and you know why?

you’ve got your eyes closed like you’re sleeping,

and I’m sure it will sleep on you now,

and I’ve been very close today, ”

” So, I’m sure it will sleep on me now,

it’s so good to be near you now,

it’s so good to be near you now, ”

in order, I have said,

to show the child her parents’ attention when no one is looking,

and to be a parent herself. . .

We, who are children, the children’s children,

who can only go with the wind,

who have no choice but to go with the wind

with that, and who want it so badly

that with no other choice but to go with the wind,

with the wind we are, I think, bound to move with it,

and this is the only way we can move with it.”

. . . .

In the song “Hair” by the Mamas & The Pushpin (“I’ve got my hair all tangled up, ’cause I’m afraid I’ll wake up), the refrain is:

“It’s a long long way to the beach

and I know it’s far away

but I don’t care.” . . .”It’s a very bad thing that no one loves you

It’s so sad when there’s not much you can do

And you’re trapped just a little closer to the shore.

It’s so hard to look away,

for you see yourself

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