What is Rumba dance? – Social Dance Lessons For Kids

The term “Rumba” comes from Rumba, which means sound and movement of the feet, and is the name of a dance genre found in various regions of the Americas, especially in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

“Rumba” also comes from a Spanish word meaning “salsa”.

In other words, this is a rhythm dance with a unique form of movement. You will use your legs and arms in every step or move. You have to keep your legs in the correct position to be able to reach the target or “breath”. If you do not reach the target the dance moves on, the song will stop for “Breathe”. To stay in “Breathe” you have to hold your breath for very long times.

In some circles you will also use an arm and a leg.

I have not studied the style of dancing that goes along with this style of dancing, but I have seen some amazing videos of this dance which you can watch above and follow along on Youtube if you can handle it. For those that watch the videos, make sure you have the right ear buds because the music is amazing.

I am in favor of learning this style of Dancing. However, I am not in favor of everyone becoming a “Rumba master”. There are good, bad and ugly (and many others). Let me know what you think. For now what we can all agree upon is that if you want to learn dancing dance this way, you have to be willing to put time and effort into it. That takes work, effort and determination. I have a feeling I could have been doing Rumba dancing without the help of this site.
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In addition, it will take time to master the dance. Just like learning to use your thumbs and hands you have to put in time. It was done and is done in a very different style than Rumba. You will have many months of practice to get right.

This website is not for training nor to get ready for dancing. For many, the experience is worth the time and effort. I am here to just help and advise so that you can continue to enjoy Rumba dancing and learn something new that you may have had in your mind all your life! Some people do not understand this, but I assure you that it will help you along the way. I am also here to let you know that Rumba is very different from the way you are used to dancing

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