What is Rumba dance?

It is a classical African American popular dance that originated in the Harlem, New York area. The movement is called Rumba , but many other names that are applied to the dance include Rumba, Hip Hop Rumba , Afro-Rumba, and the New Orleans style.

How can I be involved in the event? If you are interested in participating in this unique event, feel free to email us. We will get back to you with more information shortly!

Are you the only group doing Rumba Dance? Absolutely! We are one of the oldest and largest Afro American dance organizations.

Does the event have age restrictions? Absolutely! The event is for everyone.

Where and when? This event will be held on the 2nd Sunday of October in Central Park. Be sure to show up early to beat the crowds, as there will be many of us performing!


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