What is social dancing mean? – Social Dance A Short History

It is not an all-encompassing term, but a social dancing term was selected from a field of several choices.

The key to finding the right one is to choose a term that encompasses many dance genres. It is also a good idea to choose a term that includes other social dance activities such as pantomime or art dance (also called tap dancing, choreography, tap dancing.

In many ways, dance involves a group, or group of people, dancing together. This type of social dancing is most common in groups for children of all ages.

Social Dancing Types.

There are many different dancing styles to choose from, from the popular tap to the exotic circus/ballets.

Here are some examples of different types of social dancing:

Panties (or pantomimes), or the original dance form.

This form is popular in the UK, with pantomimes for example at the Scottish Festival and on stage at various celebrations.

In the US the form is considered to be more modern.


For the social dancing that starts out with the dancers standing up in front of a microphone (a tap), the number of participants ranges from 4 to as many as 100 people.

Pantomimes are still played at these celebrations, but are usually performed to other songs or to dance music.

The US style is the more popular in the US, although it is still played in many countries, including Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


This dance usually involves the performers walking on two feet. This forms a circular movement and is danced in a circle, sometimes with dancing music.


Usually dancers dance around a stage, sometimes with a band and sometimes with a background of percussion instruments.

Ballets require a great deal of energy due to the amount of action which is involved with the dancers moving around the stage, sometimes with no particular direction.

A modern form of tap dancing is the ‘choreographed dance’, or “the choreographed dance” as it is sometimes referred to.

A typical “drummer’s dance” would involve a drummer performing on a drum line or a band playing a music with drums, horns or other percussion instrument, such as guitars, basses or tambourines.

Grammar and rhythm are the best ways to explain the rules of social dancing. Don’t forget that each dance style is not

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