What is social dancing mean? – Social Dance Essay

What is a social dance? Social dancing is a form of dancing that has been around since the dawn of time. It’s considered a dance that is in the public domain.

What is a social dance or social dance ensemble?

The dance style known as social dancing is a group of dancing styles that is known primarily by the members, rather than the general public.

Does public dancing need a licence?

Yes. Public dancing is subject to the City, by-law, code and by-law (as well as by provincial by-law) that governs it. The public dance license must be in effect in the geographic area where the dancing is taking place.

Can social dancing be considered dance in some parts of Vancouver if they were not originally planned for dancing in the City?

Yes. Public dancing may be considered a dance if a permit is obtained for it using the following criteria:

Dance is limited to the social dancing area. This is the area around the dance site that requires a permit.

If the dancing takes place in private homes, they can apply for a private dance permit to access the dance site.

Where a dance site is part of an on-street recreation area they can apply for a permit for on-street dancing.

How much does an on-street recreation area permit cost?

For the city, it’s not that much since the dancing on our streets is an on-going expense that allows us to maintain our recreation spaces. We need to provide a way for people to go dancing when they need or want to so they can take part in public dancing with others.

What is a private dance permit?

A private dance permit is required for dance in private homes where the dancing takes place. A private dance permit is obtained from a dance licence officer or an associate in the social dancing club.

Will I need to go to public dances?

Generally yes, but, you will need to have your own permit when going to and from public dances.

Do I have to have my permit to go to or from public dances?

Yes, you must have your own dance permit, which you can obtain from one of these officers, associates or the social dancing club.

What are you asking of people who attend free public dances?

We would like to encourage people to go dancing in their own communities, wherever they live or travel. Please let us know about your experience with

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