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It means a dance where people dance with their partner, partner with partner, both partners with their partner or two partners. Social dancing usually occurs in the middle of a group of men and women.

Cannabis-based formulations with more natural and bioavailable components were used to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in patients receiving proton pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy. The aim of this project at the Institute of Medicine in Washington DC was to compare the oral cannabinoid extracts to PPIs with or without a second drug. In vitro and in vivo model studies were conducted to evaluate the absorption and pharmacokinetics as well as efficacy of cannabis-based oral formulations. In this study, the cannabis-based oral formulations showed significant bioavailability of cannabinoid derivatives in the oral cavity and the oral cavity was observed to provide a higher peak plasma concentrations of THC and CBN than PPIs (Table 1).

At therapeutic concentrations of THC (3.4% wt.), cannabinoid extracts (4.9% wt.) and extracts of CBD (9.2% wt.) reduced intestinal transit time (EtT), increased mucosal permeability and had no adverse effects at all in vitro. However, the THC- and CBD-based oral formulations showed poor absorption and no significant changes of the clinical parameters (EtT and EtOH) were observed using the endoscopy, as reported by the authors from an open-label study. Also, the THC-based oral formulations did not have any significant effects on colonic cell proliferation and were not able to induce immunological or hormonal changes in the colonic mucosa.

Based on the studies of the present study, it is evident at therapeutic levels of THC (3.4% wt.) and CBD (9.2% wt), these oral formulations showed a higher peak plasma concentrations of the active compounds (Table 1). Also, these cannabis-based formulations showed a strong correlation between the amount of cannabinoids in the extract and the maximum therapeutic dose (Tmax) of the orally administered drug (Table 1). The therapeutic concentration (Cmax) of the cannabinoids were higher for the CBN (9.2% wt.) formulation than other cannabis-based formulations (1.4%, 1.0%, 1.3%) (Figure 1).

Figure 1. View largeDownload slide Mean plasma concentrations of the cannabinoids after oral administration of THC and CBD (9.2% extract of Cannabis sativa L.) for 12 h, and their time of elimination

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