What is the meaning of social dances? – Most Popular Social Dances

“The word was borrowed from Greek from the term dancing, which meant a show, spectacle, performance.” – From the Wikipedia article, social dance.

So what does a social dance have to do with dancing to music? In a very broad sense, social dancing can be defined as a dance-like performance or behavior, often performed in an open-to-the-public setting. Typically, a social dance has a beginning, middle and end, all of which can be defined and arranged in a way that facilitates enjoyment for the dance-goer and others in attendance.

“Social dancing” takes on meaning.

“Dance is something of the human form in itself. It is what the ancient Egyptians called the ‘human dance’, and by its name, they recognized that the dance-forms were meant to encourage people to interact and play with each other.” – From this page.

So it becomes important to remember that dance has a purpose when it isn’t strictly confined to entertainment purposes. As a consequence, some folks consider dance “a form of behavior not meant for entertainment or amusement” (p. 15). But that is a very limited reading.

There really is a place for dance. It’s time to acknowledge it.

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The “Lunar Base,” as it’s known, is the culmination of years of research into the moon, the search for life beyond Earth, and how we will get it all back into our planet’s orbit.

But what it actually is is not clear, for now.
Unspoken Language: A History of Social Dance in America ...

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