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In this day and age it’s certainly an outdated profession,” he says. “The only people who are still doing it are the dancers with the big stars.”

Barcade of Dreams is a three-act theatrical play featuring the dancers of the British National Ballet, on stage in London, from 10am-3pm, Saturday 19 May.

The show opens at The Shakespeare Theatre, at 19 King’s Cross Road, London W11 1RQ from 22 May. Tickets are £20 adults, £20 concessions, £10 concessions for under-10s and £5.50 tickets for children.

The playwright is playing the role of John Blake, the British National Ballet’s director during the Second World War. The story explores John’s childhood in London, and the challenges he faces as a black, gay man raised a child in a household of white, working class parents.

But the author of the play thinks there are lessons to be learned from the wartime performances.

“For me, what was remarkable and interesting about the National Ballet is they were quite fearless; they were absolutely fearless in the face of the Nazis and Nazis that were marching around London. And they were daring to take on what was going on in a society that was terrified of what was happening; scared of what they saw happening because it was the Nazis in a war that were supposed to be against what they considered to be what they thought was the good of society,” he says.

“The lesson of that is the bravery is not just about the bravery; it’s about the courage that someone will dare to do something that you wouldn’t do.

“That’s why you can go and see something and not have any fear; that’s what I do as writer, and that’s what I hope to inspire in my audience.”

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