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The origins of soca dance can be traced back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. This movement spread to the United States and became an integral part of American popular culture (in that it became known as “social dance”) after a concert at Madison Square Garden in 1969. The term “socada” comes from two words that mean dance in Spanish and French. “Queja” or “queen dance” means “to dance, dance like a queen,” and the meaning “to dance like a queen” is based on the Latin meaning “queeness”. By the 1960s, the “queen dance” originated in Europe and the name changed to “sociada”. The song that spread the movement to America was a song by the Afro-American singer Janis Joplin.

What is soca jazz?

Sociadjazz is a genre of jazz music, the first recording of which was made by singer and music producer Lenny Wolff in 1961. Sociadjazz refers to black jazz that combines elements of African, Latin, and traditional jazz with jazz standards; this genre of music often combines both styles and styles often overlap. Sociadjazz is particularly popular among African-American artists and also draws heavily on hip-hop. (The term ‘Hiphop’ can be used to describe both black and hip hop music, so that a listener can distinguish between the two genres.) There are three common genres of soca jazz: hip-hop, house, and reggae/swing. However, the genre also includes jazz as well as pop; jazz is often referred to as “social jazz”. In some regards, sociology has been used to describe all forms of music and social behaviors. In contemporary slang, one uses the term soca to refer to the dance genre and socadjazz to refer to the genre of music, but socadjazz is usually also used as a catch-all term to refer to all forms of soca jazz.

Which dance styles are considered soca?
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According to some, any kind of jazz (including jazz with roots in European, Caribbean, and African music) can be considered soca. Therefore, if you have been to a hip-hop concert, dance at a hip-hop concert, or are a black dancer in a hip-hop club (which includes many places in New York City), you might have had some social dance lessons while you were there.

If you dance regularly

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