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Social dance is the most widespread dance of the African people, originating from the traditional dancing of the Hausa in northern Nigeria. It is a dance which is known as “Benga”, which means “honey” or “sweet”, which is a beautiful dance. The word “benga”, or “dance”, is derived from the Swahili word “kengo kongam”, which can be translated into English as “social dance.” It originated in ancient Nigeria and the southern Cameroon region.

What is the difference between Western classical and traditional African dancing?

The name “Western classical dance” is used to describe the traditional traditional dances of African people, which have been practiced as an art in central African cities. These dances have been developed during the centuries following the arrival of missionaries from the Islamic world, to adapt dance to the different styles of society of that era. Western classical dance is much more about movement and rhythm than the traditional dance which is known as “Ndoka”, which means “wild dance”.

What was the name of the first dance which began to be practiced by the African people during the colonial period in the Western colonialist countries in the West Africa?

“Tango” is the Spanish name for this ancient dance, which dates back to the 16th century, and is known from southern Morocco, the Sahara desert, and the southern parts of North African countries where it is practiced at tribal dances gatherings. When colonialism began, the first dance which was created was made in 1798. Since then, people in West Africa have continued to experiment with dances of every kind, both wild and traditional, in their dances and daily life. Today, Tango is practiced by thousands of people and is one of the most popular traditions in West African societies, in fact it has been considered the most important tradition (dance) of the African people.

How is Tango divided into parts?

“Tango” is a part of “Dance Dance”.

A dance can be divided into parts as follows:

Part 1: movements, rhythm, and steps

Part 2: variations, rhythms, and sounds of the dance, such as dances and music

Part 3: dance or entertainment.

Where do Tango dancers dance?

There is no set location for a Tango, because it is not part of a particular city or country. In some places, people dance in different places all throughout a day to celebrate

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