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Budwig – ‘Dance Floor’ [instrumental]

Didn’t she start out with a drum machine?

Yes – ‘Dance Floor’ was the first song on my record of the year. That song was produced by my brother and I, with the drum machine. I used an old Roland TB-303 with a drum sampler. That was the starting point, that was the first recording I remember doing. After that, I was hooked. I had these new synths.

Did you start doing any different recordings?

I would get in touch with people again and they would always want to hear my music. I wouldn’t do anything out of context – like a lot of people would. So they’d ask for a remix. So I’d turn down the volume on my studio and start writing the tracks. For most of my stuff now, I’m still doing all the stuff in my head.

When did dubstep become popular?

The thing is, when I got into dubstep, then the drum machines kept getting better and better. There are a lot of people who’ve written about this – ‘this is the first time ever that people are going to have fun on dubstep’ and this and that. But when you listen to those songs, they’re just banging drum loops, looping over and over. A lot of those people were playing in clubs.

You mentioned you had a drum sampler when you were young, so can you explain what a drum sampler is?

It was a piece of equipment that we used to play around with with friends. It was a little machine with a little keyboard attached to it. We never knew how big it got until I got a drum sound using one of those. Before the technology got better, it was all around, but now it’s a very nice-looking thing. I guess what it is is it basically makes the sounds you really want to hear. So you can record drum loops and make your own beats using those things.

How did you get your first beats? Did you record them yourself or did they come to you?

If you’re not from Manchester, you can’t imagine. It used to be the way bands came to us. Back in the day, people were getting all their beats done with a microphone and a microphone patch; we’d just turn the tape up on a track and start recording it. There’s a whole culture back in the

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