Which dance is most popular? – What Is Social Dance Mixers Meaning

Dancing on the edge of a pool, right?

Well, according to the Guinness World Records, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A number of the world’s most popular dance figures recently danced on the edge of a pool.

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Feminists, gay activists and many in the LGBTQ community have protested and called for the public dances to stop.

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But while they are undoubtedly in favour of having a good time, it seems these high-profile people are less worried about a bit of water splashing all over their clothes than they are about putting on a show for people.

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While dancing on the edge of a pool is great, there seems to be little desire for this activity to expand to areas that might offend the sensibilities of certain audiences. It is not all fun and games though.

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A number of other celebrities are reportedly also expected to join these high-profile dancers in the water. However, it will probably be another year before we see them all together in the water.

Here’s the breakdown of how popular and well-endowed various celebrities are in the pool.

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1. Kylie Minogue

2. Cher

3. Rihanna

4. Ariana Grande

5. Beyonce

6. Victoria Beckham

7. Nicki Minaj

8. Kate Winslet

9. Taylor Swift

10. Katy Perry

11. Miley Cyrus

12. Justin Bieber

13. Scarlett Johansson

14. Rihanna

15. Taylor Swift

16. J.K. Rowling

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17. Lady Gaga

18. Christina Aguilera

19. Kelly Clarkson

20. Jessie J

21. Rihanna

22. Demi Lovato

23. Adele

24. Angelina Jolie

25. Rihanna

26. Adriana Lima

27. Zendaya

28. Beyonce

29. Angelina Jolie

30. Nicole Richie

31. Taylor Swift

32. Gossamer

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33. Britney Spears

34. Justin Timberlake

35. Victoria Beckham


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